6 Things to Consider When Choosing Your Wedding Florist

December 14, 2019

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There is so much to consider when selecting your wedding supplier team. It’s easy to think about how price and the supplier’s style/portfolio levels up, but there is so much more that should play into your decision. If you are getting married and trying to work out how to choose your dream wedding florist (or any other wedding vendor, for that matter!), here are the top six things you should consider.

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1. Communication

If you are speaking with a florist who is very slow in their responses, or lacks clear or professional communication, there’s a chance that this may cause some troubles leading up to your wedding. If a florist is taking weeks to respond to an email or is messy or unclear in their communication, consider how this might affect your planning process. Of course, during busy periods florists may take a little longer to respond to emails as they are busy designing flowers for their clients which is 100% understandable, however in this instance, the florist shouldn’t be going too much longer than 3 business days without even a courtesy update of “Hi, we’re busy designing florals this week but will aim to get your quote to you next week” or something similar. On the contrary, if a florist has been really communicative and helpful throughout the early stages, this is a good indicator that they are organised and will serve you well during the planning process.

2. Style

You really want to love your florist’s work, and trust that they will create something beautiful for you. If you are speaking with a florist who’s portfolio only consists of traditional round rose balls but you’re wanting an over-sized unstructured modern bouquet, there’s a chance that you might be disappointed in the end result. However, also keep in mind that trends are ever-changing, so just because a prospective florist hasn’t designed the exact bouquet that you are hoping for, doesn’t mean that they can’t make it (or something even better!). It’s more about considering their skill level and overall aesthetic, and whether you are able to trust their creativity and skill.

3. Experience

You may want to consider how much experience a florist has before handing over your money and signing the contract. You don’t necessarily need to select the florist who has been in business the longest time, although you should ensure that your florist has enough experience to achieve your floral vision. I’m forever grateful to my early clients who ‘took a bet on me’, but my standard of work now is vastly higher than it was 3 years ago, and I definitely wouldn’t have been able to create some of things I’ve since created, in my early days. Every florist starts somewhere, but it’s important that your florist has the confidence and ability required to create your dream flowers.

4. Testimonials

Reading testimonials from past clients is the best way to get an insight into what it would be like to work with a particular florist. Look for common themes in the testimonials, and consider if this is something you value. And of course, if there are any negative comments, consider whether these are legitimate criticisms or not as well as how the business has responded to said comments, and make a decision on whether you think this is a business you would want to work with.

5. Price

When receiving quotes, it can be really tempting to select the cheapest quote. Buuut, I wouldn’t be so sure. There is an industry standard markup that all florists should be adhering to.

If you’ve heard the phrase ‘you get what you pay for’ it rings very true for floristry.

If a florist has provided an oddly low quote, there’s a very high chance that one of three situations could occur:

1. They design your flowers to ‘value’ (i.e industry markup) so your bouquet is either oddly small, or consists of less-premium ingredients and therefore not quite reflecting the beautiful inspiration images you’ve saved from Pinterest

2. The florist is a new florist trying to gain experience (which may work out fine, but also might not… That’s the risk you take), or

3. You happen to get perfect flowers and the same quality that a more expensive florist would have provided, but the florist is instead undercharging, and therefore underpaying themselves.

If you ask me, none of these situations are ideal (except maybe investing in a newer florist who has a real natural talent but maybe not quite as much experience – however I would only recommend doing this if your requirements are very simple). I’m certainly not saying you have to go with the most expensive florist; some florists will mark up higher than the industry standard based on their overheads, demand, experience etc. but when considering your quotes just remember that flowers are expensive and the labour is extensive. If a quote is really low, there could be a risk in proceeding with that quote.

6. Legalities & PROCESSES

This one sounds boring but it is very important. Does your florist have a set of Terms & Conditions or a contract that you sign when booking? If so, this is really good news! This shows that your florist takes themselves seriously enough to implement a set of ‘expectations that both you (the client) and they (the provider) must adhere to, to ensure you are both on the same page. You should know the payment schedule, the florist’s procedure with consultations and cancellations, the amount of changes you can make to an order, what happens when a requested flower variety isn’t available etc. It’s important that the process and important information has been made clear, so that neither party is let down for any reason. It’s also very important that your florist has their own public liability insurance. As with anything, if you have any questions don’t be afraid to ask your florist. If they are a professional, they should be able to answer in a way that brings clarity and understanding to whatever situation you are unsure about.

We hope you’ve found this blogpost helpful! If you have any questions, or are planning a wedding in Brisbane (or surrounds), we’d love to hear from you! You can get in touch with us by clicking here.

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