Wedding Flowers Checklist: What Flowers Should I Have At My Wedding?

February 24, 2019

Wedding Planning Tips


There are so many factors when selecting the floral designs you’ll have at your wedding. I thought I’d write a blog post with a bit of a summary and also provide a few little tips!

Bridal Party Flowers

  • Bouquets: of course a bouquet for yourself, and for your bridesmaids! The bridal bouquet is typically larger, with the bridesmaids bouquets sometimes including less texture or more/less colour to ensure yours is that little more special!
  • Buttonholes: for the groom and his groomsmen. I see these as minuscule bouquets – something dainty and pretty to tie in with the bouquets and jazz up those fancy suits. The groom’s buttonhole is usually a little larger with a bit more detail.
  • For the parents/grandparents: you might like to honour some of your close family or family friends with a buttonhole or corsage. This was quite traditional years ago, whereas now many couples are choosing to leave out the family wearable flowers.

  • Flower girls: flower crowns are very popular for flower girls. Other options include pomander balls, floral wands, baskets with rose petals and mini posies.
  • Hair flowers: it’s quite common for brides and their bridesmaids to wear flowers in their hair! This might be a flower crown, floral comb or individually wired flowers pinned straight into the hair style.

  • Toss bouquet: I’m finding the bouquet toss tradition is becoming less and less of a tradition, but some brides still like to include it in their festivities. The toss bouquet is usually a much smaller posy to reflect the bridal bouquet.

Image by Janneke Storm

Ceremony Flowers

  • Ceremony backdrop: Depending on the location of your ceremony, you might consider having some sort of floral decor to frame the space. Whether this be a traditional arbour or archway, or something a little more contemporary like an installation from the ground up, an installation on a tree, or a pair of large alter arrangements, the options are endless! Often a floral backdrop in some form creates a lovely setting for your ceremony photos, and also becomes a beautiful scene for your group shots and for guest photos!
  • Pew ends/aisle posies: if you’re having rows of chairs it can be nice to add some florals to jazz up that aisle! Little bunches tied to the chairs, or more extravagant floor installation gardens can really create a statement.
  • Petals (floor and/or throwing confetti): different venues have different rules around the use of petals and confetti so be sure to check with the venue. But I personally just LOVE rose petals down the aisle and at the end of the aisle. I think it’s such a simple yet effective way to create an extra feeling of romance.
  • Entrance flowers: it can be a really grand way to create an impressive statement to welcome your guests into a venue. This might be in the form of something hanging on a doorway or a standard arrangement with or without a vessel. This really depends on your venue so ask your florist on their recommendation!

Reception Flowers

  • Guest Tables: There are so many options! From garlands down the tables, clusters of sweet and simple jars/bottles of blooms, lush arrangements in special vessels/vases, and more! It’s really important to consider your venue when deciding what arrangements would work best, and your budget of course. If your venue has really tall ceilings it might be nice to invest in some tall arrangements on stands. Definitely chat to your florist about what will work best for the space.
  • Bridal Table: It’s common for the bouquets to be presented on the bridal table (either laying directly on the table or in vases), but it can sometimes be nice to have something a little special on the bridal table – especially considering your guests will be watching you for most of the evening! Usually a nice low arrangement is the way to go as to not cover your faces.
  • Installations: lush hanging gardens, long garlands strung across the room, floral chandeliers, something secured to a wall… Unique installations like these create such a special and memorable impact on your guests!
  • Welcome Table/Entrance Arrangement: Depending on your venue, it might be nice to have some flowers to welcome your guests into the space.
  • Bar Area: A little arrangement on the edge of the bar, or if you’re having tall bar tables some small arrangements on these can be a sweet way to tie everything together.
  • Lounge Area: Some venues have a separate lounge area with low coffee tables, so it can be lovely to include some flowers in this area so that it doesn’t look neglected!

  • Dessert and/or Gift Table: You might like to have some little clusters of jars/bottles of blooms on this table! If you’re having a toss bouquet, you might consider displaying it on your dessert or gift table in a vase until it’s time for ‘the toss’!

  • Bathroom: Depending on the venue and the bathroom, it might be nice to have a little something to freshen up this area too.
  • Cake Flowers: Your baker may want to organise the flowers themselves, but sometimes they are happy for the florist to organise the blooms. It’s good to check with both parties on this one.

I hope this checklist has helped you in your planning process (and not made you feel even more overwhelmed!). I’d recommend creating a ‘dream list’ and a ‘realistic list’. You can even share this with your florist! We understand that budgets can be so tricky, and are happy to lay out all of the information and costs so that you can look at it all, weight up your priorities and make an informed decision.

Happy wedding planning, friends!
Sarah x

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